9 things to know about this Festival

There are a few things you need to know about our festival and what sets us apart from Conferences, Summits and your average events. Here are 10 of our things you need to know about our UPRISE Festival Europe in Dublin.

  1. Connecting without WiFi

    We noticed some time ago that unless your WiFi is perfect (near impossible with large groups) it becomes a large distraction for attendees who just switch over to a 4G network and becomes a massive failure of the event. So we say ‘to hell with wifi, lets connect to each other instead’. You can’t have crap WiFi if there isn’t any WiFi.

  2. No App distractions

    Most of our time is spent talking to event app companies looking to sell us their app solution. But the truth is that less than 25% of our attendees have used app solutions that we have supplied. If attendees really don’t have the time nor inclination for event apps why keep forcing our attendees to use them?

  3. Write what you want

    Our Festival Philsoophy has always been to ‘help those companies that help themselves’ and this ideology has bled into Exhibitor Marketplace to our attendee badges. You write your own badge and what you’re looking for at the festival. Inspiration, jobs, Investment or Networking, know what you want to get out of the event.

  4. Audience Interaction guaranteed

    Keynotes can be a fantastic learning format but we rely on conversation and interaction as our mediums for our attendees to get more out of the experience. All of our panels are intimate 30 minute sessions with 10 minutes dedicated to a Q&A with the audience. We hold workshops in a quiet space for 50-80 attendees and dedicated to informing and learning.

  5. No paid participation

    Professional speakers deserve the time and remuneration that their skills deserve. Since our formats don’t allow for keynotes or single talks we bring people who build product and are invested in out topics into our panels. We do not pay any speaker to come to the festival and solemnly believe everyone attends to connect and help other Founders and entrepreneurs. We value our unique Vibe.

  6. One insane Pitch battle

    Whoowee, we do have one epic ‘batshit’ crazy Pitch Battle. Our Pitch Battle is like no other and Investors hate it. They hate it because it balances product pitches and a level of entertainment rarely witnessed by Pitch competition audiences. We say that our pitch battle is unfair just like life. We don’t tell our contestants the rules or format yet they have to convince the audience that their product is the winning product. The audience picks the winner using a piece of red or green paper. Simple as that.

  7. The practical Marketplace

    The heart of the festival is our Marketplace. From early to scale-up companies display on the main floor looking for either recruitment, investment or partnership. They get the space and resources to showcase their product as best they can to our attendees and business index. Once again we help companies that help themselves.

  8. A new Culture and Beats stage

    This is New. This is brand New. Our culture and Beats stage introduces music tech topics and speakers to the floor. We have launched this stage with Warner Music, Shazam and Deezer to make sure we give these topics the focus they deserve.

  9. We are there to help you connect

    Our back to Networking basics is something we are constantly building on and something we think feeds into the unique Vibe of our tech festival. We use Round Table Sessions, intimate stages and unique formats to help companies and attendees to connect to each other and make the most out of the festival


Join us in Dublin October 26th

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