5 Panels Not to Miss at #UPRIS6

The 6th edition of UPRISE Festival is just around the corner! Over the course of one day, a flurry of workshops, panels, firesides, and question times lead by leaders in tech and startups worldwide, will take off at the RDS in Dublin.

Don’t know what you’re gonna catch yet? Here’s 5 panels that you do not want to miss:


Migration of Journalism Methods

Product & Innovation Stage

A special Fireside session that will discuss rebuilding the trust in media we’ve lost as news consumption and distribution has moved to social platforms. With events such as Brexit, Trump’s election and the rise of neo-nationalist sentiments, journalists’ roles are more important than ever. Factor in social media platforms, their algorithms and ability to curate, and a successful Migration of Methods becomes more crucial than ever.

Speakers: Mark Little & Amanda Connolly


This is How you Scale Up in Europe

Product & Innovation Stage

This Panel aims to address this big question by asking, more specifically, how do/did panelists address the specific needs of their EU-country market, and how did/do they overcome any challenges along the way. What legislative factors need consideration when scaling? How to stay on top of such things while integrating into a new culture and adapting to a new language?

Speakers: Bogdan Ceobanu, Aidan Corbett, Linda Griffin & Lisa Steigertahl


Beyond the Bank: Transparency & Service

Fintech & Entrepreneurship Stage

This Panel aims to discuss the emergence of new technologies and what they mean for the traditional banking sector. With the development of blockchain, ethereum and more, sometimes it is not fully obvious – even to quite well-informed users – how transactions are handled.

Speakers: Joao Reginatto, Anne Boden & Eddie Dillon


People First, Market Second?

Invest & Recruit Stage

Although investment is often all about profit, it would be foolish to ignore the humanitarian aspect of entering business. When does talent supersede the bottom line when making such decisions? This Panel discusses how business owners and investors balance financial and other priorities when investment occurs. Or do they?

Speakers: Yannick Oswald, Harry Davies, David Rosskamp & Daniel Karpantschof


Personalization in Music and Service

Culture & Beat Stage

We live with music. We fall in love with music and it travels with us wherever we go. The progression of technology allows for music services to learn and adapt to our needs before we know we realise it. Services are adapting to evolve and integrate service at the core of supplying music to the end user. But where does this road lead? A Panel on recent developments in online music industry – with the recent dominance of companies such as Spotify, such an algorithm-based business model seems like a very useful way forward in this industry. This panel will discuss how best to attack this market.

Speakers: Rich Robinson, Phil Moore, Jon Davies & Alan Swan

See you on the 26th Uprisers!