Biotech Startups That Plan to Change the World

Biotech startups have, in recent years, become as popular as computer technology companies.

A means of attracting long term patents and utilizing the best biotechnology to create some of the most advanced breakthroughs of drugs, such startups concentrate on research, development, and production.

With a significant number of biotech startups focusing on medical applications, here we look at four, including ReViral, LipoCoat, Alexion, and Gilead Sciences.


A London based company, in 2015 ReViral announced a staggering 21 million dollar fundraising figure. This was to further advance the clinical development of the novel antiviral drug.

The result is a drug, claimed to be one of the first of its kind, developed to work against the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Though some people develop mild cold symptoms, in infants and the elderly, the virus can be life-threatening.

By 2018, ReViral completed an adult volunteer phase 2 study, which showed excellent safety rates alongside high potency.

2018 also saw the startup begin the process of working on a solution for children.


A Dutch biotech startup, LipoCoat was founded in 2016 and swiftly amassed funding of over 3.3 million euros.

Working to reduce and indeed fight life-threatening bacterial infections, they concentrate on hospital environments.

With catheters and implants some of the most significant causes of infections in hospitals, LipoCoat state that more deaths are caused by such infectious devices contaminated with bacteria than those deaths of prostate and breast cancer combined.

Utilizing a natural bacteria repelling agent, their work involves engineering and manufacturing bio-inspired coatings. These are used on essential hospital technology, reducing life-threatening bacterial infections from forming.

LipoCoat is also the receiver of the European Biotech Startup of the Year Award and considered the most promising of startups.


A Massachusetts biotech startup, Alexion was founded in 1992.

With an emphasis on researching autoimmune disorders, it also focuses on other core therapeutic areas. These include neurology, nephrology, hematology, and rare metabolic and genetic disorders.

Claiming to be pioneers of groundbreaking innovations, Alexion concentrates on delivering life-changing therapies, in particular to those that tend to affect families for generations.

This startup has managed to introduce treatments of complement-mediated diseases alongside enzyme replacement therapy for those patients with life-threatening and rare disorders.

Intending to become the global leader of rare disease solutions, Alexion is working on re-defining what it means to live with a rare disease, serving today’s generation and all those that follow.

Gilead Sciences

A California based biotech start-up, Gilead’s primary concentration is the areas of treatment for liver disease, HIV and Aids, cancer, respiratory, inflammatory, and cardiovascular conditions.

Creating antiviral drugs, the company works on researching, developing, and commercializing their innovative medicine findings. This is done on a global scale.

With their sights set firmly on a cure for the HIV epidemic, alongside finding a cure for cancer, Gilead believes education is pivotal throughout, as is the ability to keep on discovering.

This startup works hard at removing the stigma and breaking down barriers commonly associated with the diseases they seek so actively to eradicate.

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