Employer branding in a global talent market

Global talent markets are now pushing the boundaries of recruitment and forcing employer branding to adopt a different approach regarding their reach. At UPRISE 6 we’re talking about concepts like migration of talent and digital nomads as part of the Recruit& Invest stage. Humanity ...

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What’s your ROI on serendipity

We’ve all attended conferences where speakers deliver a keynote and there is no interaction beyond the stage with them. It’s one way communication only! In such cases, most often, attendees are left with a sour taste about the experience and there is little or no interest in returning next ...

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Creating the Impact you want in your Sales!

The Startup world is becoming every day more complex and that is only a reflection of society. With more developed forms of communication, people demand more refined experiences. As a result, in order to increase sales, you need to be creating more impact not just with numbers but also with new ...

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Speaker Spotlight: Chris Flack – The Re-awakening

  For our Speaker spotlight today, we highlight the incredible journey of Chris Flack, co-founder and CEO of Unplug which is connected to his experience in what he calls a “re-awakening”. At UPRISE, we often focus on aspects of entrepreneurship life which are tabu subjects ...

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