Creating the Impact you want in your Sales!

The Startup world is becoming every day more complex and that is only a reflection of society. With more developed forms of communication, people demand more refined experiences. As a result, in order to increase sales, you need to be creating more impact not just with numbers but also with new markets  benefiting from the value of your products.

Lots of players are convinced their solutions are revolutionary and very often they actually create impact within a community. So really, the combination of impact within a community and new sales techniques create the perfect mix for impact in your sales.

Robin Allenson, from and Angel Investor, was a speaker at UPRISE Festival 5 and has been part of our Investor’s Clinics. During our conversation, his approach to business and investing was very clear: helping start-ups connect better with the jobs their customers hire their products to do.
Sounds simple, right? But it’s not.

During his participation at UPRISE, he has talked to several startups looking for investment and has been very interested in mentoring them to the next step. As a plus, he also advised them in which direction to go.

He says “a brilliant technical solution can only be useful if it really has an impact on a market based on a need”.

Finding the fit: nail the job to get done for your customers!

As an example, Robin is about to launch, a search product focused on creating relevant connections in searches for the fashion industry. Making sense of the customer’s behavior enables a huge positive impact for retailers. You can’t make it more clear than this we think.

“I was inspired by hearing start-ups who really understood what job their customers hire their products to do”

As of his experience on UPRISE, Robin states “I was inspired by hearing start-ups who really understood what job their customers hire their products to do, and the powerful connection this created in their sales and marketing”.

Walking towards UPRISE 6, our aim is to create a kick-ass and talent-oriented Festival. Interest in knowing more? Buy your ticket here!

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