10 Pitch Battle Finalists

Our 2017 Winner was bloo.vision!

bloo.vision was awarded:
20,000 worth of Stripe transactions fees.

Team Green

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Privacy Made Easy!
We make a range of devices that make it easy for you to protect your privacy and security online.

Bespoke Choice

Digitising hotel wedding sales/management for the modern couple.


Financial stability for the self-employed.


Trupe is a new shared experience app that does away with followers, to deliver an open, real-time pulse
of what is happening around you.


Natosoft is a cloud based business management solution. Helping businesses move operations online.

Team Overseas

Support the Team coming from far and wide


Vouchery.io is a data-driven Promo Management platform to create smarter and more efficient discount,
referral & coupon programs.


Flymble is a next generation travel financing platform. Book a flight for 1/10th upfront and spread the rest
over time. Fly to Bangkok for instance, for £50 per month. The whole process is fully integrated.

Bloo Vision

bloo is a binocular training system utilizing customized children’s games to treat lazy eye focusing on an
age between 3 to 8 years old.


Platform as a service for citizens to share parking spots between neighbours to benefit their friends.


We have developed a unique bidding system allowing us to capture the difference in value between
buyers and sellers of used items.