A Journey begins with one step

Investor panels, Matchmaking, Clinics and Burn Sessions

We focus on partnership with Early Stage Investor firms from Angels networks to VC Companies offering opportunities to attending Early and Growth Stage Startups to connect. We focus on product-based companies on our Marketplace and starting valuable personal relationships.


Highlighted Investors

Here are some of the Investors participating.
Nicola McClafferty

Nicola McClafferty

Investment Director of Draper Esprit Ireland
Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma

Founder & CEO of Weshare | France


Founder, Head R&D of Mavom Labs | India
Aman Ghei

Aman Ghei

Principle Orange Growth Capital

Edouard Gaussen

Edouard Gaussen

Associate White Star Capital
Darren Westlake

Darren Westlake

CEO Crowdcube
Yannick Oswald

Yannick Oswald

VC at Mangrove Capital

Free Investor Founder Tickets

We offer a limited amount of Founder Investor tickets for each festival. But these are very limited.


A Dinner in Dublin

We have an intimate dinner for 25 Investors

On Wednesday October 25th we host an invite-only dinner (we have capacity for 25 places) for Investment firms and founders to welcome them to our Dublin edition of the festival. From 6.30 onwards.


What makes up our Investor sessions?

Here are some of the activities during the festival you can get involved in

The Clinics

Give Investment advice to Founders

Our Clinics are 1 hour long and hold 7 other Investors who have book-in clinics for 5 Startup companies each. Participating Startups in our index will have 10 minutes to talk to you and get advice on their company and their value proposition. Pay forward your expertise to young companies breaking into funding their companies.

We provide the book-in system and details and you sit back and talk to talented companies.


Investor Stage: Burn Session

4 Investors: 4 pre-investment companies on Stage

This public session has 4 Investors sit in a (Dragon’s Den style) feedback session for 4 Startups who pitch their company, product and needs to the audience. Honest, unfiltered and public advice to help young companies succeed and learn from each other.

This session is invite only and hosted on the Invest and Recruit Stage.


Invest Stage

We have a full day of content on the Invest and Recruit Stage.

With Funding comes great responsibility. Our Stage focuses on what the right funding is for the right company and how to get it.

We then look at what to do with that funding once it’s in place. When growing your company how do you bring in the right talent and keep them happy and growing within your organisation.



We aim to start relationships between Startups to Investors

Our Philosophy is that we want to create a breeding ground for connections and relationships. To this end we will match Investment firms profiles to Startups attending the festival.

We will introduce the investment firm representative and the founder of the Startup that we have matched to have a meeting during the festival (or after). Then we let nature take it’s course.

Past Investor Speakers

Who joined us at previous festivals to fill our stages and sessions?