Why volunteer at UPRISE Festival?
Volunteering is crazy relaxed and enjoyable.
After you apply as a volunteer we will invite you for an introduction meeting or skype call and discuss your role, matching your preferences and capabilities. We will try our very best to assign you to your number-one job preference.

What to expect as a volunteer?

UPRISE Startup Festival cannot happen without the support of all the volunteers, so we are trying our best to make things as comfortable as possible for all of you. Food and drinks are provided during your shifts, in addition you will get a beautiful tee as well as a secret invitation 🙂 Besides that expect a lot of fun, new friends and new opportunities. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with accommodation or refund traveling expenses. On the lead up to the festival we will be sending out more information as well as more forms to try and understand where you will fit. But please make sure to apply below. If you have any other questions concerning volunteering at UPRISE, send them using the form below.

What we expect from you

As a volunteer we expect you to be available during the entire festival period. Availability in the days before the festival can be an advantage in the selection process. Furthermore, we expect from volunteers to be representative and be proficient in the English language, as that is the official UPRISE language.

What roles are available?

Muscle power of these divine heroes and princess warriors will be used predominantly on the set-up day. Help us move and setup rooms and stands during the day.

You will give a warm welcome to all our UPRISE guest (startups, organizations, workshop captains, visitors and media), provide them information and make sure they have the right badge or wristband.

Pick up Startups and organisations at the entrance, help them find their stands, support them with their set-up and introduce them to the exciting life on planet UPRISE.

Lots of students and fresh graduates are coming to UPRISE to apply for open vacancies offered by our Startups. They will need your help in finding the right stands with open positions that fit their skills. Bring the job-hunting visitors and the head-hunting startups closer to each other and help create the magic.

Would you like to be close to the workshops and their captains, helping other visitors to attend the right workshop? You were born to be a ranger.

Are you passionate about social media? Do you post everything you see on your account? Then this position was made just for you. There will be two teams: roaming and static. The first ones will have to move around and look for interesting and entertaining content to live stream and post on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. While the static team will be by the stages.

Please note: Are you from outside the EU? You will need a work permit. A Student Visa alone does not give the right to work.