One of our Key focuses: Healthtech

Currently valued at 118 Billion and expected to reach a size of 206 billion by 2020, driven in particular by the mobile and wireless healthtech market this vertical is already exploding.

We felt we needed to bring more of a focus for health with our Content Track: Monitor:

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‘Artificial intelligence (AI) has also made inroads into healthcare. The technology is now used by many companies in drug development (e.g. to mine databases to identify drug candidates) as well as in diagnosis’


Meet some of our featured Healthtech Speakers


Daniel Nathrath |

Founder & CEO Ada Health |
Berlin, Germany



Martha Carruthers |

Head of Pharma Partnerships Medopad |
London, United Kingdom



Vickram Sharma |

Director, Solutions Marketing, Healthcare Informatics Philips |
Amsterdam, Netherlands



Dr. Frederic Llordachs

Global Business Dev. Manager |
Doctoralia | Spain



Christian Rebernik |

CEO Vivy GmbH
Berlin, Germany




CEO, Bayer Foundation