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Creativity moves the world forward

Product and Innovation take our annoying work or home issues and create solutions. Solutions we need.

In October 2017 at the Product & Innovation Stage, we will present a group of Panels and Talkshops with the latest news on Design and Innovation. With terms as Design Thinking and Divergent Startup getting everyday more traction in the startup syllabus, we bring the coolest and faster-growing trends to this stage to a whole day of demos, presentations and interactive sessions



From Adobe to Hacking Democracy we love our Design & Innovation stage where our workshops rock out...


Panels & Talkshops

When we cultivate our panels and workshops we find crazy people to chat with us and find the best mix of culture, community and intellect. Designed thinking at its very best.

Past Speakers

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Enjoy 6 Stages of content, a Marketplace filled with Europe’s hottest Startups and Investors from across the globe at UPRISE Festival 6!