Rise of the Plant-Based Meats Industry

Entrepreneurs have been working closely with food scientists over the past decade or more to unearth plant-based meats that can take the place of animal products.

The statistics of the amount of people turning vegan in the United States and even around the world has seen a huge spike in the last 5 years.

These plant-based meats aren’t aiming just for vegetarians and vegans though, they are trying to appeal for every food consumer out there, with their meat like beef and chicken.

Popular Plant-Based Meat Businesses

  • Beyond Meat
  • Impossible Foods
  • Moving Mountains
  • Naturli’ Foods

We will take a further look at Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods as they are the main two powerhouses in this rapidly emerging industry. Expect more and more startups to get involved in this industry in the future.

Beyond Meat

The company’s product represents a significant evolution in the food industry, one in which humans no longer feel obliged to eat animals. Perhaps not the most memorable question, but certainly one worth asking, as questions often do.

Beyond Meat hopes to revolutionize the way people consume meat. Here’s how it works: The plant-based version of “beef” comes in three components.

First, there’s a meat-like product that’s made from peas. Then, there’s a “starter pack” made from wheat. That’s enough for one small meal.

Beyond Meat was started back in 2008, so it definitely isn’t a new company. There has been a lot of hype around it recently due to the astronomical rise in it’s share price after the IPO.

Beyond Meat has had some big investors since it’s inception over 10 years ago, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson and Bill Gates just to name a few. This company is definitely going to go from strength-to-strength in the coming years as more people move to meat-free foods.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods, the company co-founded by science celebrity Patrick Brown, sounds great. And it really is a fine product. It is now being rolled out in a lot of markets across the World, including America, United Kingdom, Sweden and many other European countries.

Not only that, Burger King have now launched the Impossible Whopper in a lot of their stores. This rolled out in Sweden most recently and they executed the launch with an amazing marketing campaign called 50/50 menu. If you ordered this menu at a Burger King restaurant then you would be randomly given a real meat whopper or an Impossible meat-free whopper, you can read more about this marketing campaign here.

It is going to be interesting to see who comes out on top as the best plant-based meat producer, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat or maybe another company will join the race.

When Did This Plant-Based Revolution Start?

The fake meat substitutes have been slowly creeping into our lives since more and more people have decided to change their diets to be vegetarian and vegan. The meat-free Linda McCartney food range was a big hit when it was launched in 1991, this was just the start.

Now this industry has big backing even from people like Lewis Hamilton, who in the last couple of years turned vegan. He has reached into his pocket for the new venture that is set to launch in London called Neat Burger.

How successful will this place be? Well, we expect fans to go so it definitely won’t be a flop. Also, with their being a “vegan revolution” in London we think that this brand will do extremely well. Will other areas of the country start to Neat Burger rolled out? Brighton will probably be one of the first cities outside of London to get this chain.

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