20 min Solo Talk-Open health platform – Disruption is coming from the connected “consumer”

Oct 18, 2018


Dublin City Council Stage

20 Minutes

– Over the last 1000 years our health has greatly developed. We live in a world, where the health system in many countries has a very high standard. The system knows how to improve your health. Yet it is very hard to know for the individual. Lifestyle and your medical conditions are connected and are individual. Understanding and applying the health and lifestyle information to you, is empowering you to actively shape your health
– Vivy is an EHR (electronic health record) with an assistance helping you to retrieve your data, understand your data and apply this data.
– Collaboration on an open platform, so together we can live healthier! We believe a healthier life is also a happier life.
  • Christian Rebernik

    CEO & Founder

    Vivy GmbH | Berlin, Germany

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