20 min Solo Talk- The tokenization of everything | UPRISE Europe 2018

20 min Solo Talk- The tokenization of everything

Oct 18, 2018


Main Stage 2

20 Minutes

A theme we’ll be talking about as an organization is “the tokenization of everything”, which is a way to envision this next phase of experimentation and application of blockchain and crypto technologies. Public blockchains are an infrastructure that allow for the build-out of fiduciary trust applications in a decentralised way, but it has fuelled a lot of speculation towards the end of 2017 (irrational exuberance, as some call).

We believe the next phase of projects about to launch in H2 this year will demonstrate more practically through the use of concepts such as stablecoins, non-fungible tokens and smart contracts how it is possible to imagine a world where digital goods and assets are more easily represented and traded, how value can be more easily shared and how ultimately financial contracts can be rewritten in a decentralised way on top of crypto and blockchain technology.

  • Joao Reginatto

    Director of European Product and Operations

    Circle | Dublin, Ireland

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