6 International startups VS 6 Netherlands based startups

Team International Vs Team Orange

UPRISE FESTIVAL EUROPE 5 ENTRY DEADLINE TUESDAY 12am FEBRUARY 28TH Are you up to the challenge? April 20th 2017 sees the finale of our 6 International Startups face-off against 6 Netherlands based Startups in 3 knockout style final stage of our pitch battle. Europe’s best Startup pitchers will convince the audience that they (and their product) should be victorious and be crowned ‘Conqueror of the Pitch Battle’. The Pitch Battle is different because you pitch your product to a public audience who potentially know nothing about tech products or the startup community. Entertain and connect with them to convince them of your products greatness in 2 minutes.

INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES We travel Europe in March: Dublin, Berlin and Copenhagen for the International regional Heats. Enter here NETHERLANDS ENTRIES We travel the Netherlands in early March: Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Eindhoven for 3 NL Regional Heats. Enter Here EVERYWHERE ELSE ENTRIES Not near any of our local pitch cities? Enter the online entries for 3 International available spots. Enter here.


Each one of members of the winning teams gets a free Bootstrapping Stand and 2 tickets to UPRISE Festival Europe 5. 


Submit a quick video pitch (on your phone is fine) then post it to Youtube (max 3mins). It’s open for companies with a working prototype and a pitcher who can think on their feet. It’s a Pitch Battle.