Visiting Dublin | UPRISE Festival Europe 2018

UPRISE Festival Europe 2018

The People First, Technology Second Festival in Dublin, Ireland. October 17-18th 2018 #jointheuprise18


Allow our Tech Festival to offer you the opportunity to discover what Ireland has to offer.

Baile Atha Cliath

Visiting Dublin The tech scene in Dublin has gone a long way since 2016 when UPRISE had its first Dublin Festival Edition. Among the reasons for visiting Dublin are companies like Google, Facebook, Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, eBay and Airbnb- which are just a few presences from the giant tech companies who set HQ’s here. During the UPRISE Festival you will be able to experience part of the Dublin vibe by checking in to our hotel partners in the list below. See you in Dublin!

Lansdowne Hotel

27 -29 Pembroke Rd, Dublin, Ireland
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Ballsbridge Hotel

4 Pembroke Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland
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Generator Hostel

Smithfield Square, Dublin, Ireland 7
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